Kathakali Workshop: Bharatanatyam classical dance
Calendar Saturday 23 November 2024 Clock 14:00

Kathakali Workshop: Bharatanatyam classical dance

Bharatanatyam is probably India’s oldest classical dance that originated in the Dravidian temples of Tamil Nadu, Southeast India. It’s inspired by the ancient temple sculptures depicting dancers adorned with beautiful silk costumes, performing symbolic stories.

Bharatanatyam dancers tell stories through gestures, Mudras [hand gestures], movements, costumes and performing techniques that were first depicted in stone.
The wonder of Bharatanatyam enables us to see a moment in time when the temple sculptures began to dance.
In this two-hour workshop, which is open to all ages, participants will learn the basics of Bharatanatyam and get a guided tour through the Kathakali exhibition in our interval room. 

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