Welcome to our Autumn/Winter 2018 Season

If you turn into the recently renamed Barbados Road you’ll no longer be greeted by military buildings. In their place, a new community is being built and at their heart is East Hampshire’s only full-time theatre and arts centre.

We’ve become a bit of a building site ourselves of late. My apologies if this has made a visit to The Phoenix Theatre & Arts Centre more of a challenge than it should be. However, the good news is that the extension to our car park is now complete and that includes a new outdoor performance space, ‘The Playground’. This exciting new facility has been made possible by the vision and support of the Homes & Communities Agency and will be officially opened on Saturday 16 September with an outdoor performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Picnics, Prosecco and Puck at The Phoenix and an insight into my ongoing plans for the Centre.

A big welcome also to our new neighbours. I won’t have met many of you just yet but I hope to remedy this over the coming months, with added incentives to encourage you through our doors for the first time and show you the many advantages of having Hampshire’s friendliest little venue only a short walk away.

Finally, it’s been a privilege to be involved with the Hogmoor Inclosure Art Project. I’ve worked closely with the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company to bring public art to the former military training area and over the coming months you’ll discover the work of Welsh Visual Artist, David R Lloyd across the Inclosure.

Kindest Regards,

Rob Allerston,

Phoenix Director